If you are looking for a chance to further your education in a foreign country, Australia is one of the top you can consider. Statistics show that Australia admits the third most number of students with just a population of 23million. This is so impressive, but when you consider that 7 Australian universities have been shortlisted in the world’s top 100 universities, it is not surprising.

Australia as a country has identified the need of a reliable education system and greatly invested in it. With over 1,100 higher learning institutions that foreign students can choose from and over 22,000 courses, Australia can accommodate any student’s education needs.

This is irrespective of the discipline they want to focus on. The cities hosting these top class universities are as highly rated as the universities. Five of Australia’s cities are ranked among the 30 best cities to study and work in, globally.

Australia is attractive to international students for some elements that include affordable lifestyles, a great mix of students and cultural life, high employment rate and improved quality of life. The country boasts of a tropical climate which is favorable mostly for students coming from colder regions of the world such as Russia.